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Meeting Minutes

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PTA Quicklinks

Our school would not be such a success without the diligent efforts of committed parents and volunteers. We hold PTA meetings on the first Tuesday of each month in the elementary school library.


The Conemaugh Township Elementary School yearbook is provided to students through the efforts of our PTA members. Parents coordinate and are responsible for the entire yearbook process. They are frequent visitors to our school throughout the year, along with several assistants, to ensure that each school event is captured on film. Our annual fundraiser helps defray the cost of the yearbook, and we distribute the yearbooks to students at the beginning of the following school year.

Talent Show

The Conemaugh Township Area Parent Teacher Association sponsors an annual talent show each February for students in grades 3-5. We require that students turn in an initial registration form. Upon receiving these forms, we will make arrangements for student acts to be screened and approved during the school day. Students attend a required rehearsal evening the week prior to the event. The talent show evening is a hugely successful event and one that students, parents, and staff look forward to with great anticipation each year.

Upcoming PTA Events

We'll post all the information you need about our upcoming events. Hope to see you there!

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