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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions asked by parents of Conemaugh Township Area Elementary students. For more details, please refer to our student handbook located in the Quick Links. We encourage you to read and review the student handbook with your child often. If there is something we have left out, please contact us.

What is the school guideline on bullying?

At Conemaugh Township Area Elementary School we take bullying seriously. We have a strict program called the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program was implemented in grades K–8 during the 2005–2006 school year. Mrs. Karen Cascino (elementary nurse) is the elementary chairperson. Teachers meet weekly with students to address concerns through "classroom meetings." We encourage students to tell an adult when someone is being bullied, to include others who are being left out, and to be supportive of students who are being bullied. Students attend weekly classroom meetings to reinforce the Olweus anti-bullying program.

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What is the Dress Code at Conemaugh Township Area Elementary School?

At Conemaugh Township Area Elementary School, we allow a wide variety of school clothes. While we do not require a specific school uniform, it is important that students dress and groom themselves so as to meet high standards of safety and health. Students’ attire should not disrupt the educational process in any way, so please keep this in mind when purchasing your child’s clothing for school. For more information on prohibited attire, please see the student handbook.

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Are there safety guidelines for students who walk to school or are dropped off/picked up?

Yes, there are. Students who walk to school or who routinely ride with parents should be dropped off at the side entrance of the school. Students should arrive no earlier than 8:30 a.m., and no later than 9:05 a.m. We ask parents not to park vehicles in front of the school and leave the vehicle unattended. This is a safety issue and interferes with the loading and unloading of school buses. Parents should not arrive before 3:30 p.m. for end-of-day pick up. Staff members will open the gym doors at 3:35 p.m. for parent entry.

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What should I do if my child must miss a day of school?

If your child must miss a day of school, he/she should return to school the next day it is in session with a written excuse from a parent/guardian or a physician. If your child does not turn in an excuse, the school will give him/her a blank excuse form for a parent to complete. Please be sure to send that note within three school days, or we will consider the absence unexcused/illegal.

According to Conemaugh Township Area School District policy, the following conditions constitute reasonable cause for absence from school:

  • Illness
  • Professional healthcare or therapy 
  • Quarantine
  • Recovery from accident 
  • Required court attendance
  • Death in immediate family
  • 4H/FFA project (with prior approval)
  • Religious holiday (with prior approval)
  • Non-school-sponsored educational tours or trips (up to three days, with prior approval) 
  • College or post-secondary institution visits (with prior approval and documentation)
  • Family emergency
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What if my child must miss school due to a contagious condition or illness?

In the case that your child must miss school because of a contagious condition or illness, we require a doctor’s excuse.

All students must be diarrhea, vomit, and fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. Following this guideline will help decrease the spread of illnesses. We appreciate your cooperation.

For more information about our attendance policy, refer to the student handbook.

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What is the protocol if I must pick up my child from school instead of sending him/her home on the bus?

If you must pick up your child from school instead of sending him/her on the bus, your child must bring a note in advance. The note should state who will be picking up the student as well as the day(s) the pick-up will be in effect. A note at the beginning of the school year will suffice for students who will be picked up at the end of every school day.

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What are the daily meal prices?

Conemaugh Township Area Elementary offers school lunch to students for a daily price of $2.35. A reduced plan is available for just $.40 for approved students. Our school also has a free breakfast program that we encourage all students to participate in. Adult breakfast is $2.25, and adult lunch is $4.25.

Students who are eligible for federally subsidized free or reduced-priced meals may apply for this program. We will send home applications at the start of the school year. You may also obtain applications from the main office anytime during the school year.

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