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Conemaugh Township
A National Blue Ribbon School

Student Life

We have an active student body at Conemaugh Township Area Elementary School. While we are known for our academic awards and achievements, from a physical perspective, we strive to promote a healthy lifestyle through many school-wide programs. Students also enjoy the arts through many yearly music concerts and programs.

Each year our school enjoys our in-line skating program, Jump Rope for Heart, cup stacking, and Marathon Fun days. School faculty, staff, and parent volunteers are also responsible for two district-sponsored community events, including our annual PTA Reading Night and a Color Run. We are the proud recipients of a $10,000 grant from the Highmark Healthy High 4 program. We have used that grant to improve our gym and fitness center areas.

As far as our artistic endeavors go, we have a band comprised of our older grades four–five, a fifth-grade chorus, recorder instruction beginning in grade four, and a special event, “Meet the Instruments,” geared toward introducing the school music programs and giving special attention to those who might be interested in joining.

Elementary Student Council

Conemaugh Township Area Elementary School offers students the opportunity to serve as student leaders in our school and community. Peer-elected student council representatives are comprised of students in grades four and five. Third-grade students take turns serving on the student council throughout the year. Student council members participate in several activities throughout the year, including CT School Store, visits to area nursing homes, a yearly Veterans Day program, and various collections/activities to benefit our school and community.

Reading Team

Reading Team is a competitive activity available to students in grades four and five. Mrs. Rebecca Parker is the team advisor. We hold an initial meeting with all interested students in which we explain the team and distribute the required reading lists. You can find the books on the reading list through the school. Students compete twice a year in a district competition that requires students to answer questions about the books they’ve read. Teams accumulate points according to the number of their correct answers.

5th-Grade Promotion

Fifth-Grade Promotion is a Conemaugh Township tradition that we hold during the last school week each year in the high school auditorium. The fifth-grade teachers, music teachers, and the Conemaugh Township Area Parent Teacher Association serve as the promotion committee. Students get the opportunity to perform musical and vocal numbers they have diligently rehearsed; they are accompanied by the music department. Our principal, Mrs. Dull, and a guest speaker address the class. We recognize our students individually with numerous achievement awards and present them with promotion certificates. As a parting gift from the Conemaugh Township Area Parent Teacher Association, we hand out promotion t-shirts with the class theme, year, and students' names. The PTA will host a reception sponsored by fourth-grade parents in the high school cafeteria to conclude the evening.

We will hold the fifth-grade promotion celebration sponsored by the PTA the following day. Students will be treated to a DJ, dancing, games, pizza, cake and ice cream, and snacks in the elementary school gymnasium. Students may play outside, weather permitting. We ask that the fifth graders wear their promotion t-shirts. Fifth-grade students really appreciate the efforts of the PTA; their excitement and enthusiasm can be felt throughout the building the day of the event. We require parental permission for this event.