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Internet browsing has become the quickest way to find great resources; however, sometimes it is hard to find websites with an abundance of quality information. To make your Internet browsing more productive, we’ve collected some of the best educational sites to help students, parents, and teachers alike. Click through the links below to find great educational games, parent guides, and creative lesson plan ideas:

While Conemaugh Township Area Elementary School actively monitors the content of this website, we do not claim any responsibility for content outside this website, otherwise known as "offsite" content. We make every effort to ensure that offsite content is appropriate and in good taste; however, we have no control over the constantly changing Internet landscape. If you see something questionable (links to inappropriate websites, foul language, etc.), please email our webmaster, and we will remove that material or link immediately. Also, if you have sites you'd like to suggest that we add, please send us those links for evaluation.